Monday, October 28, 2013

Plastidip is NOT a replacement for paint!

A recent trend gaining popularity is "plastidipping" cars--coating exterior with a matte rubberized "plastic-y" coating. We like "Plastidip". . . just not for painting cars. It is designed to give extra grip & cushion on tool handles. We've gotten a lot of these "plastidipped" cars recently for repainting. Although Plastidip may look good for a short time, many people find it does not stand-up to the sun, peels when you don't want it to and then won't peel when you try to take it off. Plastidip cannot be painted over with automotive paints and doesn't sand like normal automotive paint. Repairing cars with it has required us to go millimeter by millimeter, chipping off improperly applied fake paint. So if your car is in need of a paint job, we're begging you, bring it to us, a real automotive paint shop where we guarantee our work against peeling!

Peeling Plastidip on a (previously) nice car

Plastidip peeling in some areas, not in others. How do you get it off!!?

How to ruin a great car? Plastidip!


  1. In the cases of these cars, not enough Dip was applied to the vehicle, the cheap alternative paint jobs are not bad.. but in this economy.. people cannot afford higher priced real custom paint jobs.. Although that is the right way to go if you want a real long lasting paint job..

    1. Thanks Oscar. I think our single stage paints can compare to the cost of plasti-dipping a car and the results look better and last longer. If plasti-dip is thick and fairly fresh, most of it peels off if you want it to. But it is still hard to get it out of nooks and crannies when you go to repaint. Things like plasti-dip, vinyl, masking tape and duct tape are hellish to remove after they've been on the car for months or years.


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