Thanks to our customers for all the nice things they've said about us over the years. See also Awards.
Review 5-Stars "Long story short, Took my car in for some repair work to the front bumper and FP fender. Had to pay out of pocket, and I have absolutely no regrets taking my vehicle to "Almost Everything Autobody" "AEA" did a PHENOMENAL Job on my 01 Honda accord!!!! The sales rep, Frank Bernard was absolutely awesome! Frank is both fair and honest, he worked with me and my budget every step of the way! Frank made great recommendations that not only helped my budget, but ended up making my vehicle look better than before the accident! I greatly appreciate their work and integrity and would HIGHLY recommend this shop to Anyone in need of auto repair of any kind!!"–from Joshua P. on Yelp 5/1/2018.
Review 5-Stars "My rear bumper needed some paint work and light dent removal done. I got quotes from other shops and they were significantly more expensive than Almost Everything. I was a bit skeptical due to the price but decided to get it done here with all the positive reviews. I was not disappointed one bit, Frank took care of everything and kept me updated on the status. They even cleaned my car, put in a full tank of gas and painted my rear lip for free practically. They go above and beyond with their customer service. I definitely recommend going to this shop to get your body work done."–from Gary T. on Yelp 4/29/2018.
Review 5-Stars "I was borrowing my sister's car while visiting her in Fremont, and on the very last day of my stay it was side swiped in a parking lot! I was shocked and extremely stressed out because I didn't want to have to give the car back to her with damage. I frantically called around auto body shops in the Fremont area, and several didn't even pick up. When I called up Almost Everything Auto Body, they picked up on the first ring and told me that if I could get there before closing at 6, they could at least provide me with a quote for the repair. Through crazy Bay Area rush hour traffic, I managed to drive from Palo Alto to Fremont and get to the shop by 5:55pm. I walked in and was pleasantly greeted by Frank, the owner. He and his partner Mike were extremely polite and understanding of my situation. After explaining to me the various services they offer, Frank went outside with me to check out the damage on the car. After taking a thorough look, he asked me if I wanted to optimize for cost or if I wanted to get the car back in mint condition. He let me know that the minimum cost of getting factory paint back on the car would be $2,000, which was significantly outside of my budget. He then offered to rub the area down with a special alcoholic solution for me to see if that could repair the majority of the blemishes. After working on the car for 5-10 minutes, it looked like he managed to remove more than 95% of the damage caused by the side swipe! It was absolutely exhilarating. From a potentially horrendous afternoon, Frank restored my faith in humanity. Had I not gone to Frank, I might've been $2,000 out of pocket to fix the damage. He is an extremely stand up guy, and I will be referring all of my friends and family in the Bay Area to Almost Everything Auto Body. Thanks again, guys!"–from Vaidhy Murti on Google 4/19/2018.
Review 5-Stars "I had very pleasant experience at Almost Everything AutoBody in Fremont, Mr Frank was awesome in explaining the detail. Answering questions and shearing his honest advise, their work was beyond reasonable cost and quality was supereb I would recommend to have ignition conversation with Frank to understand various option for your repair needs, this place is very reasonable compare to any othe body shop and their work is great."–from Jay T. on Yelp 4/19/2018.
Review 5-Stars "On my way to work i hit an object on the freeway and dented my from bumper. At work i researched for body shops and Saw the good reviews they had. After work i stopped by got my estimate and it was a very reasonable price went ahead had them order me a oem bumper and had it painted in 3 days and it was a perfect match to my ruby red metallic paint on my brand new mustang. Now my car is looking as good as new. They do a great job painting and they are friendly and explain to you before hand all the costs and process to have your car looking brand new. Highly recommend fast procces professional and good prices."–from Erik N. on Yelp 4/12/2018.
Review 5-Stars "It started when I was looking for a body shop that can repaint our Nissan Leaf and a little patch up. I found almost everything while surfing in the internet. Since then, we have brought 4 cars to be repainted in this body shop. The service is excellent! And the price is reasonable. Thanks to Frank and Mike for giving us a very good customer service. They're very honest and straight forward."–from M L. on Yelp 4/11/2018.
Review 5-Stars "I just want to thank Frank & Mike and entire staff for another great job on my 1997 VW Eurovan camper, This is the Third time Frank has completed work for me and I have been very pleased every time. If any issues came up during the process I was notified for me to give them direction. I would recommend Almost Everything Auto Body for a great job along several options of services they offer from basic to original manufacturers finishes."–from John M. on Yelp 4/6/2018.
Review 5-Stars "Very courteous and friendly people. I was driving my friend's Toyota Sienna Minivan and it got paint scratches from an accident on the rear bumper. Frank is super good guy gave me best solution at affordable price. The work quality is awesome, brought the bumper back to original condition. Go there, rest assured for you! Thanks Frank!"–from Madhu S. on Yelp 3/28/2018.
Review 5-Stars "I'm writing a review for my dad, whose car's front bumper was damaged by a driver backing out. We both looked for a body shop, and when my dad said his friend recommended Almost Everything, I said, really? That's what I was going to suggest based on Yelp reviews! So we felt pretty good about taking his car here. They are upfront about all the work and costs involved. Everything was patiently and thoroughly explained to us. When there was more damage discovered behind the bumper and their estimate was over the insurance estimate, they worked it out with the insurance company. We didn't have to get involved at all. If you're looking for great customer service, excellent workmanship, timely delivery, then we highly recommend this body shop."–from Julie L. on Yelp 3/18/2018.
Review 5-Stars "Another driver backed into the passenger side door. Had gotten other estimates; also asked others for referrals for auto body repair. Almost Everything Auto Body was suggested. Took the vehicle in, got an estimate without an appointment. Scheduled the vehicle for the next week. Frank and Mike are the best, patient and understanding. Repair was done thoroughly and to complete satisfaction. Vehicle was restored to pre-accident condition. Would definitely use Almost Everything Auto Body again."–from Valerie K. on Yelp 3/7/2018.
Review 5-Stars "I brought my vintage 1991 Nissan Sentra SE-R into Almost Everything Auto Body for a paint job. I've been driving this car for over 26 years, and I love it! But it was in need of a professional paint job. Frank and Mike and everyone else there are thorough professionals, and they went over the entire car and found all the little dents and divots and repaired them beautifully. They sanded down the car to bare metal then applied multiple coats of white paint that perfectly matched the exact color of the original, then applied several coats of base/clear and finished it up with urethane sealer. My car looks absolutely beautiful, with a deep shine! It looks far better than the factory paint job when I bought it 26 years ago. There a lots of chain car paint shops out there, that will cost you a little less, but if you're restoring a classic as I was, I would urge you to take your automobile to Almost Everything Auto Body. You won't be disappointed. These folks get my highest recommendation!"–from Buddy N. on Yelp 2/16/2018.
Review 5-Stars "I selected Almost Everything Auto Body based on the high Yelp reviews and they did not disappoint. I came in after having had an accident and Mike guided me through all the next steps. His knowledge of the whole insurance-supplemental-car rental-repair process had me assured from the start. And his interval updates and advocacy efforts kept me reassured through the very end. As for the body and paint work on my rear bumper/tail lights... it's as if nothing ever happened--what accident? Kudos Mike and Frank. Keep up the quality work and service excellence."–from Reggie H. on Yelp 2/1/2018.
Review 5-Stars "Frank took care of my wife's 2013 Escape. It was rear ended so there was bumper work, paint and all kinds of sensors that were out of whack. He also took care of dealing with the insurance folks and arranged getting me a rental car. Frank made the whole process smooth and painless and the car came out beautiful and everything worked (auto park, power lift tailgate, kick sensor, camera). I would Absolutely recommend them and will go back for any future work."–from Ameet K. on Yelp 2/1/2018.
Review 5-Stars "Amazing business , if I ever need work done on my car I'm going back to these guys they work fast and the car looks like new."–from Myrahh M. on Yelp 1/30/2018.
Review 5-Stars "I was nervous as I started out looking for an autobody shop to do some work on my front bumper and grill. I had gotten a few quotes at other places and was really just looking for a job well done at very reasonable and honest prices. After reading the reviews online about Almost Everything (and checking out their site to find coupons!!) I decided to give it a go. I was actually out of town when my car was dropped off at the shop, but Frank was so patient at helping me figure things out over the phone and through email, and quick to get the work started, even around the holidays. The work was done in a very short amount of time to begin with but Frank and team went above and beyond to help me get my car back in a timely fashion once I was back in the area. Frank and the team are very accommodating and will try their absolute best to answer any questions, always giving very honest and reasonable answers. Thanks so much for all the work you guys did! I am a very very happy customer :)"–from Kathy X. on Yelp 1/11/2018.
Review 5-Stars "Though I live in the North San Jose area, I brought my 1998 Ford Mustang 2-door coupe for a new paint job due to the paint peeling of leaving the vehicle parked outdoors. I found their website through a general search online via Google ad and I took advantage of the Christmas holiday special(s). The website had photos before and after repair and refinishing. When shopping, I look to see if a business can maintain a website with photos, can offer any discounts or deals, and of course provide fast and friendly customer service. Both Mike and Frank were VERY helpful. The best way to find out what they can do for you is to bring the vehicle for an estimate. Their pricing is reasonable. There are selection menu boards posted in their lobby from basic paint lasting two years to urethane with clear coat lasting five years. I got the five year warranty and other services to repair dents and dings. Thanks, AE!"–from Flynn B. on Yelp 1/4/2018.
Review 5-Stars "I never write reviews but I am excited to write one for Frank and his business - Almost Everything Auto Body Repair and Paint. * Excellent customer service - Just the way Frank explains everything and doesn't push you to give your business to him is amazing. * Quality of work - I couldn't be happier with the quality of work that has been done on my car. I cannot really tell that it ever needed repairs and it looks pristine. * Time - Work on my car was done in roughly half the time initially committed, which means I got my car earlier than scheduled. * Frank knows what he is doing - Without being frustrated by my questions (it was almost closing time), Frank answered all my questions to my satisfaction. He explained every single step in the process and gave me options. * Price - The final price I paid was same as the estimate. I wan't overcharged on pretext of some random excuse. You might get cheaper estimates than what you'll get at this shop. Key is to remember you get what you pay for. I can bet my life that anyone who gave me lower estimates wouldn't have done half as good a job as Almost Everything Auto Body and Paint. I definitely believe the price charged was very fair for the quality of work done. Frank is one of the very few auto body shop owners that you can trust with your vehicle. I have been to quite a few auto body shops in my lifetime, and most auto body shops look shady. Most body shop owners/managers talk like salesman at best and usually come across as being borderline conman. None of the this is true for Frank; He comes across as an honest businessman and cares for his customers' needs. My Experience with their service: Some bonehead scraped my car's rear bumper resulting in two ugly black spots on the bumper. These were not scratches, but the paint had come off on the bumper, and it made my almost new car (less than an year old) look ugly. I must have emailed or called every body shop in the Bay Area, including random "mobile dent and paint repair" people on Craigslist. The estimates I got ranged from $250-$1300 for the work. The cheaper options were from the "mobile repair" guys who said they'll come to my car, spent about an hour and get it looking nice and shiny again. I asked these people how good or bad the car would look after they are done with it. Some said it'll be about 75% good, some said it'll be near perfect, some said it'll be good but upon looking carefully, I'll be able to tell that there has been some repair work done. I am assuming these mobile repairs were no more than a touch up paint work. I wasn't convinced with any of the people I spoke to, but when I spoke to Frank, he suggested I come to his shop so he can personally evaluate the damage and provide me options along with estimates. Somehow I felt that he is the guy I can trust with my car. I made a 30 mile drive in rush hour traffic to reach his shop minutes before he closed. And boy am I glad I did that! Frank first explained to me various options (insurance vs no insurance) in great detail. Then he looked at my car suggested I need some minor repair work besides just the paint on the bumper to fill in the void where the bumper material was chipped off. Sure it was gonna cost a little more than just the paint, but I knew it was the right thing to do and it made total sense. When I asked Frank how good it will look after the work is complete, he said that he cannot guaranty a 100% color match as it is nearly impossible to do that without painting the entire bumper. He didn't just say that, he explained to me why that was the case. He told me that the bumper would come out looking very good, but if I looked closely/carefully I'll be able to spot the areas where the repairs were made. BTW, when I picked up my car, I did not see any color mismatch at all. It looks a 100% color matched and very well blended. Also, I asked my wife and couple of my friends to spot any areas on the bumper where they think repairs were made. None of them have been able to spot any repairs on the bumper. Frank asked for 3 days to get the work done, but my car was ready in 1.5 days. This business has most definitely over delivered both the quality of work and on the time needed for repairs. I would still have been equally happy had it taken 3-4 days for the repair because the quality of work is right at the top. They also rubbed and polished a couple of minor scratches on my front bumper to make it look much, much better - so very thankful for that. Excellent job done by Almost Everything Auto Body Repair and Paint & Frank. I'll happily refer any friends or family to Frank if they need auto body work done. Here's wishing no one ever needs to visit a body shop, but hey it's life and sh*t happens, so if/when you need body work or paint work get done, give Frank a call. Thank me later."–from AJ S. on Yelp 12/16/2017.
Review 5-Stars "Couldnt be more happier with the work they put in into painting my aftermarket bumper! I asked them to paint the bumper in a specific way and they did an amazing job in doing so. It only took a couple days too. Thank you, Frank! Really satisfied with how it turned out."–from Kevin T. on Yelp 12/16/2017.
Review 5-Stars "Mike and Frank are both very kind and respectable people. I went in 3 months ago to request a quote for a full car paint job for my Honda Prelude. I came in looking for a paint job that would restore my car into a like-new look. Boy can I say that the paint job exceeded my expectations. I was expecting single stage to come out slightly dull, but I can't even tell it's a single stage. From the get go I knew that prep is EVERYTHING in a paint job. I opt'd out from any repairs and decided to prep the car myself to save money. People need to understand that if no prep is done to the vehicle prior to it being painted, it will look terrible. I couldn't have asked for a better paint job- at least, for the price I paid. Plenty of my friends are considering taking their very own vehicles in for their cars to look just as good as mine. Mike and Frank really hooked me up with this paint job. I had purchased a new bumper lip and OE spoiler and asked them to paint it the same color as the car for me to install later. No questions asked, they just said of course we could, just place them in the car somewhere we can see it and we will paint it. I was only expecting a car that would look better, but now it's worthy for me to go to local car meets. It definetly turns heads. Michael, Frank, thank you so much for the services. I will be for sure coming back in the future with friends, family, etc. for them to experience the stellar service that was given to me. JUST A REMINDER: The service I recieved was their MOST ECONOMICAL paint job. Keep that in mind. It looks amazing."–from Jarrell M. on Yelp 12/13/2017.
Review 5-Stars "This is the best auto body shop. I went to a competitor before I found Frank's shop and I am so glad I shopped around. Excellent customer service and AWESOME body and paint work. Forget the rest Almost Everything Auto Body is the best. The insurance company {who will go un-named (beginning of the alphabet)} tried to get me to settle and Frank called and made sure we got the best customer service from them as well. I can't say enough about the great experience I have received. This is my birthday and I got my car back just in time. Note: They did not know my birthday was approaching, just to show you how blessed we are with Frank and the Almost Everything Auto Body team on the job."–from Jonnn D. on Yelp 12/1/2017.
Review 5-Stars "Some knucklehead rear ended my parked jeep and didn't leave a note. The bumper was dented and my license plate was hanging off of it. After doing some research online, I determined that Almost Everything Auto Body is the place to go. Mike was the person who helped me and he kept everything simple and straight to the point. He made everything very easy for me. I dropped my Jeep off yesterday and I just got it back today and it looks GREAT! I'm very happy with the service and I will definitely recommend this place to anybody who needs body work."–from Robert F. on Yelp 10/31/2017.
Review 5-Stars "They did a great job on my front bumper! Professional and customer focused service for reasonable price. Thx Frank!"–from Donat H. on Yelp 10/23/2017.
Review 5-Stars "I own a 1995 mustang that is highly modified, and has been garaged most of it's life. It has 45,000 miles on it - 22 years old, and in near-mint condition. I want to start driving it more instead of letting it decay. There is a saying "hot rods like abuse much more than neglect" - and I have been neglectful. The problem: it looked great when I bought it from Albany Ford Subaru over two decades ago - it is a "noticeable" purple (Ford 8K4 "Confetti Blue Metallic"). I did not want to drive a loud AND flashy car so I decided to paint it a different color: Mazda TR "Dark Grey Metallic". Frank and his team did a wonderful job on the car... I de-badged the body (removed the emblems) and so there were holes to fill, a small abrasion on the bumper and four big holes on the trunk lid where the rear "wing" was - all of this was professionally / expertly addressed. I chose Frank because he is a friend of a friend and has done business with a colleague - I chose correctly. The job was around $2500 and I dd not paint the door jams / trunk / engine compartment - the project was done on-time (it took about a week) and on-target with the original drop-off estimate. The shop is clean, organized, secure and he obviously does not mind a "whole car" paint job like a lot of shops I contacted. He even has an easy to understand chart with everything you would need to know about your paint-job, clear coats and options. I am just so happy with my car. Thank you Almost Everything Auto Body."–from Allen C. on Yelp 10/21/2017.
Review 5-Stars "Fast and great service I recommend 10/10."–from Erico Castro on Google 10/6/2017.
Review 5-Stars "Modern facility clean great staff."–from Dave Alvaro on Google 9/6/2017.
Review 5-Stars "I bought a bumper for my IS250 Lexus and took it here to get painted, I was a little scared it wouldn't match but it came out PERFECT!! I would definitely come here again."–from Laurraine W. on Yelp 9/2/2017.
Review 5-Stars "Great work, great people. Worked on my '95 Camry and while I didn't have a lot of small dents and rust spots removed, the car looks beautiful. Don't hesitate to use them and keep an eye out for specials that can save you big bucks."–from Mike L. on Yelp 8/31/2017.
Review 5-Stars "The team at Almost Everything Auto Body did a fantastic job repairing dents and doing a complete repaint on our older Toyota Camry. I highly recommend them for quality service at a reasonable price. Thanks to Mike, Frank and everyone at Almost Everything Auto Body."–from Jonathan R. on Yelp 8/29/2017.
Review 5-Stars "The estimates from shops in my area were out of my budget. I got a more affordable quote from AE. The new paint job did wonders for my old car."–from Julie K on Google 8/15/2017.
Review 5-Stars "Frank, Mike and the whole team (especially who had to install the painted bumper) did an amazing job with color match, blend, installation and exceeding expectations laid out initially before paint and install. I have a few more custom pieces being made for a pandem rear bumper and rear overfenders from Japan as well as louvered front GT3rs fenders. Hope to have them painted by them in the future."–from Forrest R. on Yelp 8/8/2017.
4-Star Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair "Very nice people. Got the job done well and ahead of time. Bravo."–from Lita H. on Yelp 8/8/2017.
Review 5-Stars "Although I was previously unhappy with their finished product the first time around Frank and Mike contacted me very quickly to remedy the situation. They refinished my bumper free of charge and it looks fantastic and I very please with the results. Their reputation means a lot to them and that is what makes them such a good shop. Their customer service is top notch and they most definitely aim to please."–from Jovincent D. on Yelp 8/1/2017.
Review 5-Stars "Had to get a mirror replaced. Mike and Frank were very helpful in accommodating me the same day. Reasonable quote and fast turnaround. Would recommend the place to anyone looking for an auto shop."–from Anubhav A. on Yelp 7/3/2017.
Review 5-Stars "Staff is really friendly and helpful!"–from Jason Qiu on Google 6/24/2017.
Review 5-Stars "I had a paint scratch on my car and after calling a lot of shops and getting very high cost estimates, I happened to stumble across this car body shop. Frank is one of the most honest persons I have seen in this business. He is very professional, polite and does an excellent job explaining the process. I am lucky to have found this place. The price was very reasonable and far below what the other guys were charging."–from Ashish R. on Yelp 6/11/2017.
Review 5-Stars "I bought my son his first car and the engine was amazing! The body not so much. I agreed to find a place to get the car painted but was not willing to spend thousands of dollars! Spoke to Frank and Mike several times on the phone, read all the reviews and decided to make the drive from Petaluma. So glad that we did!! The car looks brand new! We paid for the 699. Deal and it was worth every penny! Thank you I recommend this place 100 percent."–from Amy T. on Yelp 5/25/2017.
Review 5-Stars "Excellent work to my car. They arranged the car rental as well to come pick me up. Thanks For everything :-)"–from Hussam A. on Yelp 5/2/2017.
Review 5-Stars "The AEABRP team polished and clear-coated the headlights, fog lights and tail lights on my car. The car looks new again and my lights are brighter. I'm happy with the results."–from Emmett M. on Yelp 4/1/2017.
Review 5-Stars "Frank was really helpful when i came by to get my celica painted and when it was done it looked amazing! Will be coming back here if i need any other car repair/paint work done!"–from Wesley S. on Yelp 3/21/2017.
Review 5-Stars "I got a paint job on my car about 3 months ago. I was very pleased with the quality job and the excellent service. Frank (CEO/General Mgr) is a true professional. Will definitely recommend to others. Thank you from a happy customer!"–from Nestor M. on Yelp 3/15/2017.
4-Star Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair "Spoken to frank on the phone and got my car in for a paint job. Good customer service . The outcome of the paint job was good . I am satisfy with his service . Thank you Frank !!"–from J T. on Yelp 3/10/2017.
Review 5-Stars "I recently had one of my vehicles a 1986 VW Vanagon camper that had some body work and painting at AEAB and was very pleased with the finished project. I found Frank to be a true professional explaining what work they where going to do and what the outcome would be, I also had options of what level of finishes I wanted to achieve and Frank worked with me to get what I wanted within my budget. There was some small issue which we both overlooked but Frank took the vehicle back and fixed the item with no additional charge. Just want to say a thank you to Frank and all the AEAB staff and wish them continued success. I have 2 other vehicle I will be bringing for quotations in the coming weeks and will update Yelp accordingly. Keep up the Great Work, Regards John"–from John M. on Yelp 2/27/2017.
CityVoter Reviews 2017 CityVoter Best of the Bay Area A-List comments:
- "I found that when I originally went in for a quote I looked the car over first to see what was needed. Frank went over the areas I had noticed and pointed out other areas I may want to address, These Guys gave great before and after service with a small issue I had. I will recommend Frank and his team of Auto Body Professionals and plan to have them paint two other vehicles in the coming months."–from John M. on 2/24/2017.
- "Friendly, fast, generous. Service with a smile. Always time to explain the details. They know what they are talking about."–from Mike C. on 2/22/2017.
- "They are friendly and offer great service."–from Eddy W. on 2/17/2017.
- "excellent job makes my 1988 Chevy truck look like new again"–from John P. on 2/16/2017.
- "I've had the opportunity to visit AE for body work in two separate instances in the past year. I have to say I was very impressed both times with the work and professionalism AE offers. I highly recommend AE for affordable and professional body work."–from Constanzo M. on 2/16/2017.
- "The prices are very reasonable and Frank was very honest and upfront with everything during our transaction. I'm very happy with the work that they performed."–from K L. on 2/15/2017.
- "They did everything I asked of them and the work was even better then I had hoped..."–from Joe F. on 2/15/2017.
- "really great service and very good work!"–from Penny L. on 2/15/2017.
- "the prices were so great that i was albe to fix my car without insurance,thank you Frank for great service and beautiful work done on my car."–from Corey M. on 2/15/2017.
- "Reasonable, discussed desire for work and redid until correct"–from Roger M. on 2/15/2017.
- "Great quality and communication"–from David B. on 2/15/2017.
- "Frank knows what's going on and got it fixed. Great price, Friendly service and Quality workmanship."–from Bob H. on 2/15/2017.
- "Great work, on time and on budget"–from Richard G. on 2/8/2017.
- "Great Autobody to go to. You work directly with the owner"–from Elizabeth R. on 2/7/2017.
- "Great customer service great prices and all the nice colors of paint"–from Dee H. on 2/7/2017.
- "They did an OUTSTANDING paint job on our 2002 Acura TL. It was better than the factory I recommend them to all my friends"–from Leo K. on 2/7/2017.
- "Frank is awesome to work with. Straight forward and honest. And all around great business man."–from Eileen B. on 2/7/2017.
- "The service was great and very affordable. I also received my car back ahead of schedule and that really made me happy!! The work was superb and I have no complaints!"–from Tommy B. on 2/7/2017.
- "I've received nothing but excellent advice and service from Almost Everything Auto. Recommended."–from Mike E. on 2/7/2017.
- "reasonably priced, made my car look amazing. People regularly comment on how good my car looks! Staff is professional and fast, and the work is excellent. 10/10 would go back."–from Ashley B. on 2/7/2017.
- "They were honest about what I should expect from each of the options that they patiently explained to me. The price is unbeatable! I will definitely bring my vehicles to them in the future."–from Larinda M. on 2/7/2017.
- "Very Professional and a great customer service!!"–from Rakesh S. on 2/7/2017.
- "Great customer service and follow up and we loved the way our car looked when we got it back!"–from Karen N. on 2/7/2017.
- "The service, price and quality of work. Excellent!"–from Bobbie D. on 2/7/2017.
- "Really felt at home. Took care of me right away early one morning. Great body shop."–from Chad S. on 2/7/2017.
- "Price is right for the work professional and detail work knowledge on how to restore cars and fast results"–from Arturo S. on 2/7/2017.
- "They did a nice job on my car. Thanks."–from Paola G. on 2/4/2017.
Review 5-Stars "I fixed last year a couple bumper scratches at this shop. Frank was very helpful, offered me a few options in terms of pricing and complexity of the repair and the shop did a great job. This year I had to look them up regarding another problem, a door scratch that occurred while my car was parked outside at a movie theater. I took my car in and, during the estimate part, they revealed that the scratch was not touching the metal and they fixed it by removing the paint marks without charging me for it. I appreciate this level of service as I would not have been able to figure out on my own how to get my car back in shape."–from Vlad B. on Yelp 2/22/2017.
Review 5-Stars "My Wife and I are very pleased with the front end collision repair just completed on our 2003 Elantra GLS. The color matching was top rate. We are loyal repeat customers from "Lake County". Whether repainting our entire car, or making insurance repairs, Frank has always provided us with high quality service at an "unbeatable price". 5 Star Customer Service!"–from Paul G. on Yelp 2/16/2017.
Review 5-Stars "They are friendly and offer great service."–from Eddy W. on 2/17/2017.
Review 5-Stars "So glad I found this place! From the minute I walked in for an estimate to the moment I picked up my shiny, freshly painted red car, Frank the owner treated me so well. They went above and beyond to work with my budget and I'm so confident I got a much better job than the place I was going to go. + Free shuttle service to/from BART while they had my car with the friendliest guy ever! Definitely recommend this place for excellent work at great price with kind people!"–from Cat Gardere on Google 2/15/2017.
Review 5-Stars "Frank is an awesome owner and very friendly and the customer service is excellent. . My uncle Mike and our business use Almost Everything on a regular basis and it is always a pleasant experience. Quality work at a great price. Highly recommended."–from Kourosh F. on Yelp 2/13/2017.
Nalin C's car "Hi Frank, the body work I got repaired on my BMW X3 is great, just like new! Thank you for your excellent service!" in an e-mail from Shazia S on 2/7/2017
Review 5-Stars "I am really happy with the quality job done on my car! My paint job just looks amazing! The main guy Frank is a true professional, and the team definitely knows what they are doing. Very fair estimate, quality work done, really happy customer!"–from Martin S. on Yelp 2/3/2017.
Review 5-Stars "Took care of my car after my windows were smashed. Great shop, and great owner."–from Chad Sachs on Google 1/6/2017.
Review 5-Stars "Frank is very pleasant to deal with, knowledgeable and explains all your options very clearly. The end result is beautiful at a very fair price. Highly recommeded body shop."–from Sue K. on Yelp 12/24/2016.
Review 5-Stars "I had a small amount of work done to my Audi. Frank was very efficient when I got an estimate and when I took the car in for the work. The work was performed correctly"–from Richard B. on Yelp 12/12/2016.
Review 5-Stars "I went around 10/20/2016 first time to this car body repair shop. They are friendly people and have good customer service. The person on counter assisted me and given me honest advice regarding car repair. Appreciate it."–from Dharmesh V. on Yelp 12/7/2016.
4-Star Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair "We used this shop to have our work van painted from green to white. Overall, it was a good deal and would recommend and go back for future work. The owner, Frank, was great and never pressured us for the optional services, instead, he was helpful and helped us understand more about the process and service."–from Juan A. on Yelp 12/7/2016.
Review 5-Stars "I got a bad scratch on my Mini Cooper's rear bumper and needed a quick fix that fits my budget. Frank is very nice and explained to me about different options and how the work would be done. I was told that the paint job takes about 3 business days but I was able to pick it up early. Fantastic! Service and the paint job was completed nicely, no complaints at all! I am glad that I found this place and definitely recommend to those who need a paint job!"–from Tiffy J. on Yelp 12/6/2016.
Review 5-Stars "Taking our car to Frank at Almost Everything Auto Body was the best decision. The experience of being in an accident was super stressful, but then trying to figure out what to do and where to go to get the car fixed was even more stressful. I visited 2 other body shops first and felt overwhelmed - they made me feel they were too busy to explain things to me, their parking areas and waiting areas were packed with other customers, and they couldn't even get my car in for repairs for over a week. What a contrast to the experience I had at Almost Everything! Although I am sure that Frank is busy, he was patient, took the time to explain everything to me, gave me a couple different options for repairs, and was so wonderful at keeping me updated throughout the entire process of the repairs. I really appreciated this and was happy to be working with someone with such knowledge and experience. The repair and paint work on the car shows that Frank and his staff are very skilled, but it was the customer service that impressed me the most about this shop. I definitely recommend Almost Everything Autobody."–from Jenn G. on Yelp 11/22/2016.
Review 5-Stars "Writing this review is the minimum I can do for the amazing service I got at this body shop. I initially went in for an estimate for painting the hood of my car due to a pretty big scratch on my BMW M3. I got the estimate which was comparable to many other shops I got estimates from, but upon seeing the scratch, Frank the owner suggested we try and polish it out. He felt it would improve at least 50% if not more. So i figured I would try it. Charged me $50 and almost completely buffed out the scratch!!! Not even visible anymore. Amazing!! If he wanted to he could have easily ripped me off or recommended I paint the entire hood and charge the insurance just like the other body shops did!! Amazing attention to detail. Frank even had the technician take the car back twice because he wasn't satisfied with the job he had done. Car looks brand new."–from Ernesto M. on Yelp 11/17/2016.
Review 5-Stars "This is the place to go with any auto paint work you need! I had my front bumper dropped off on 11/3. Frank estimated that the bumper would be ready for pick up on 11/8 but it was finished the following day after drop off! Very fast service and customer service! A satisfying customer that will come here for more auto paint service in the future!"–from John T. on Yelp 11/5/2016.
Review 5-Stars "These guys are the best. Especially Frank. Recently I went to fix my car which got hit on the passenger door. They worked with my insurance and fixed it. Awesome job. Thank you Frank."–from Raj S. on Yelp 10/10/2016.
4-Star Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair "Went to Almost Everything for painting over few scratches on Honda civic rear bumper cover. I Almost got Everything I wanted :-), except I had chosen the most basic/cheap option and that resulted in a less than perfect finish. I believed the basic option would include sanding but it apparently did not, so the final finish wasnt as smooth as I had expected. Frank made sincere effort and explained with proof that the bumper paint offer never included sanding. Frank is outstanding at customer service and thoroughly professional. No place in Bay Area could beat the quote he gave me. I would recommend first time customers to clearly set the expectations of what they want to achieve in terms of quality and finish and get an appropriate quote."–from Luke S. on Yelp 10/7/2016.
Review 5-Stars "I am extremely happy with the job Frank and his crew did on my 1965 Thunderbird. I don't think it has looked this good since it came off the assembly line! They managed to remove the vinyl top, repair holes, rust, bad bondo and make the outside look new again. Frank is great at updating you of the progress and even emailed me some photos along the way since I do not live nearby. He is an honest guy that I would trust with any job. Thanks again for all your work Almost Everything and making me as excited about my car as I was when I first bought it over 19 years ago!"–from Elisa H. on Yelp 8/18/2016.
Review 5-Stars "went in got outstanding customer service from Frank. a week later my car was done with a new paint job n i couldn't be more satisfy with the work. I recommend this place."–from Jason V. on Yelp 8/12/2016.
Review 5-Stars "They did a new paint job on my 2006 scion tc. Looks brand new. You can tell there's a lot of attention to detail here. I'm happy with the results and will be back with any other related jobs."–from Conrad S. on Yelp 8/11/2016.
Review 5-Stars "Took my 1990 Spec Miata Racecar to get a full paint job and some quarter panel bodywork at Almost Everything. Frank was straightforward, reliable, and to the point. They color matched my desired color (BMW Imola Red) and it looks fantastic. The rear quarter panel repair was also very impressive, as they made my abnormal, basketball sized dent disappear completely, which I know was no easy task. One of the body shop guys even helped me load the car back on the trailer once it was ready for pickup (little things count too!)
I got the car painted much earlier in the year (March 2016), but waited to post my review so that
1. I had a good picture to share to accurately demonstrate AE's work
2. I could judge paint quality over time
And sure enough, it still looks great today. Very happy, and look forward to bringing some other cars of mine here in the future."–from Matt C. on Yelp 8/8/2016.
Review 5-Stars "Great service. Excellent workmanship. My bumper and side view mirror look as good as new! Thanks Frank."–from Katherine G. on Yelp 8/3/2016.
Review 5-Stars "Almost Everything Auto Body Repair & Paint gives good price and quality. I will recommend it to my friends."–from Weixin Z. on Yelp 7/26/2016.
4-Star Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair "Got my car painted - side doors and bumper. Great service. Very reasonable price - under $1k. Took a bit longer than expected but no complaints about that. We recommend this body shop especially if your insurance is not going to take care of it for minor paint damages."–from Pram P. on Yelp 7/25/2016.
Review 5-Stars "Excellent service! Got my 16 year old car painted last month. Starting from the initial quote to completion of the job the service was great. Team patiently answered multiple rounds of questions over a period of 3 weeks and helped in picking the right package. Company website has some great information on the painting process. Depending on the condition of your car and needs they will develop a quote and answer any questions (or follow-up questions). There is no up-sell or pressure sell. If you are comparing quotes make sure that you compare the correct paint layers - "integrated clear coat". If possible stop by to get an in-person quote and take a look at the workshop - kept quite clean."–from George R. on Yelp 7/24/2016.
Review 5-Stars "Frank was amazing. Period. Got a decklid spoiler for my car and brought it in to him on a Tuesday evening around 5:45 (15 mins before the place closes). He gave me a quote corresponding to how long it would take including drilling holes and etc.He then also mentioned that he really didn't think it would require the holes and that he'd even help me put it on with the double sided tape instead. FOR FREE. What I liked most about his service was the fact that he also didn't just do it himself, but instead helped me as we did it together. As a huge car guy, I love making changes to my car and so him helping me put on my decklid spoiler was awesome. He explained to me everything he did and every product he used. Along with paying meticulous attention to detail, he stayed until about 6:20(20 mins past closing) to make sure everything was done properly and we were satisfied. Needless to say, it was unlike any auto shop experience I've ever had. As a younger individual, I sometimes am ignored or disrespected at shops. Frank made me feel more like his friend than a customer and for that I am truly grateful. I would definitely recommend his shop to anyone and everyone. And for the record, the quote he gave me for installation with drilling was extremely reasonable as well. Thanks Frank!!!"–from Vishnu S. on Yelp 6/23/2016.
Review 5-Stars "GREATJOB !!! My 98 Chevrolet Malibu went from looking old and sun baked to new and wonderful . Did not want to spend a lot of money on my 18yr old car that had a few minor dents and scratches and covered with clear coat failure on roof, trunk , hood and bumpers. The price was affordable and customer service ( Frank ) was a pleasant experience . I am definitely referring Almost Everything Auto Body Repair & Paint to all my family and friends ! Thank you Frank , it feels & looks like I'am driving a new car !!!!!!"–from Pat B. on Yelp 6/9/2016.
Review 5-Stars "Took my toyota prius in to have all the emblems changed from gold to chrome while Frank quoted me for a paint job. Frank was helpful and honest about painting etc. Definitely will come back if I need more work done"–from Kelsey M. on Yelp 5/11/2016.
Review 5-Stars "i researched the internet and found Almost Everything. Frank who is the owner presentation was so impressive with detail methods of completing the job. He painted my 1999 Cadillac, in Feb.,when I picked it up it was showroom ready. I was so impressed I decided to paint my Toyoto Prius in April. His paint jobs are consistent. I changed the color on the Prius from black to another color. Someone asked did I have a new car. For paint jobs forget those other guys, too bad Almost Everything [Frank] is only local. A lot of customers would benefit from this great establishment. L'Jon"–from Lejon L. on Yelp 5/10/2016.
Review 5-Stars "Ok, I have a 2002 Honda Civic. Its had that nasty white crust paint from primer fail/clear coat peel. Whatever you wanna call it, it was a bad look. So i thought i would try sanding, priming and rattle can painting. Not a good look. The Clover Green Machine was still looking bad. So after some research, I decided on AE Auto Painting. I just wanted the cheapest paint job. Unless your car is completely sanded and primed, expect to pay more than what you see advertised. But for under a grand I thought I would take a chance. Color changing cost extra and I saved by skipping the door jambs. The car only has 100,000 miles on it and runs great so i was just hoping it would turn out ok. I picked it up after only 4 days. I went with Nighthawk Black Pearl. I was pretty pleased with the job. I realize it's only a 2002 Civic but it looks pretty damn nice. Thumbs up!"–from Dan S. on Yelp 4/23/2016.
Thank You Letter "The Niles Rotary Foundation greatly appreciates your generous donation of a $500 Gift Certificate for Goods & Services. Your donation was presented at our 21st Annual Elimination Raffle Fundraiser on April 16th, 2016. Donations like yours allow us to present an exciting variety of goods and services which means vigorous bidding and more funds raised that will benefit many of Fremont's community organizations! Thank you again for supporting the Niles Rotary Foundation and our community"–from Christopher Louie and Aggie Freeman, Niles Rotary Foundation, in a letter received 4/22/2016
Review 5-Stars "Frank from Almost Everything Auto Body Repair & Paint is one of very few honest business men I have ever met. Some one dropped some weird liquid on the front part of Acura MDX. I approached few auto body repair shops for the painting as regular car wash did not remove the stains and dark marks. Everyone quoted over $1000. I approached Almost Everything Auto Body and prepared for the painting as I did not see other option to resolve the issue. Fred looked at the car and asked me if he can try cleaning the car with some stain remover liquid. He tried to clean the damaged area (using 3M liquid) and within minutes the stains were removed without any painting work. He then asked me to go to the car wash shop and asked me to request a specific kind of wash to get rid of the remaining marks on top of the car. I refused to do so and asked him to clean the remaining part of the car with same liquid and offered him to pay for the service. He did as requested and then the car became like normal within minutes and it cost me $50 instead of $1000 plus as I initially anticipated. Great job Fred and keep it up!"–from Praveen A. on Yelp 4/3/2016.
Review 5-Stars "On 3-25-16 my Crown Victoria was parked in Niles Canyon and rear ended(hit and run) while parked. Not having 'comp-collision' I didn't think I could afford to have it repaired. Frank found economical replacement parts and used ALMOST EVERYTHING coupons and specials to come up with a quote I could afford on my limited budget. The finished work looked GREAT ! A heartfelt thanks to Frank and his employees at ALMOST ANYTHING AUTO BODY REPAIR & PAINT !"–from Jeff F. on Yelp 3/30/2016.
Review 5-Stars "I had the front bumper on my Hyundai accent repaired at Almost Everything and must saw Frank has done a wonderful job. Frank was very helpful throughout the process..right from sorting out the insurance claim to walking through the rest of the process. I got a good price for the repair and am very happy with the results."–from Sujit N. on Yelp 3/21/2016.
Review 5-Stars "I had some body work & paint job done on my 2007 Tacoma after I was involved in a spin out on the freeway and hit some sand barrels which left a panel on the passenger side severely dented especially around the outer cab area. I spoke with Frank and he showed me a couple of ways of fixing the damage. Since I was paying for the damage myself managed to keep costs down. Also I had him fix the delaminating paint and was suggested that I get a total paint job done. So I chose the single stage paint and fixed the damaged areas. It was a very reasonable price for the work done. I dropped off the truck and 2.5 weeks later it looked like a brand new truck that just rolled off the showroom floor. After careful inspection of the work completed I noticed that a trim piece to my truck was missing. I brought it up with Frank and he did try to look for the piece but it wasn't found. He did order me a new trim piece and put it back on the truck free of charge. Thanks Frank! He's now my go to guy if I ever need body work done on my vehicles in the future."–from bryant c. on Yelp 3/18/2016.
Review 5-Stars "I have my old 2006 Accord painted here and... WOW it's awesome job!!! Thanks Frank for taking care so well of my car although I went with the very cheap price ($399.) I also introduced some of my friends to have service here."–from Vy H. on Yelp 3/16/2016.
Review 5-Stars “I brought my Toyota in here to get my bumper painted. The Bumper Special price was incredible and Frank was great to work with. He explains everything and let's you know if there will be any additional costs. I was very pleased with the results! I wish I would have Frank and Almost Everything Auto Body years ago. I was so happy that I brought my Acura to get the rear bumper painted. Once again, Frank and his team delivered. I will say that Almost Everything has a customer for life. I highly recommend this shop due to the price, friendliness, honesty and quality of work. My son just bought his first car and his front bumper needs a paint job...see you soon Frank! ”–from Gary R. on Yelp 2/27/2016.
CityVoter Reviews 2017 CityVoter Best of the Bay Area A-List comments:
- "De a great job and listen to the customer"–from Gary on 2/5/2016.
- "Frank was very professional. Professional quality. Frank explained every option possible. Very flexible for budget conscious customers. I greatly recommend them to anyone who needs body work and paint!"–from Ed P. on 2/5/2016.
- "Trustworthy advice. Excellent work."–from Mike E. on 2/5/2016.
- "Great service and attention to customers wishes"–from Richard G. on 2/2/2016.
- "My repair was handled with the utmost care. Frank kept me informed even when my insurance dropped the ball. I would recommend this shop to anyone who needs body work done."–from Barbara M. on 2/1/2016.
- "Great service... The job exceeds expectations!"–from Joe F. on 2/1/2016.
- "Fair prices and good work"–from Madeline C. on 2/1/2016.
- "Pays attention to detail"–from Rene E. on 2/1/2016.
- "Frank and his staff painted a couple sets of truck boxes for me. They Did a good job and got them done quickly."–from Keith J. on 2/1/2016.
- "Great People, Work and Service!"–from Steven C. on 2/1/2016.
- "Working with Frank was awesome. I had my front and rear bumpers repainted/color matched at an amazing price. Great feeling to fall in love with your car all over again. No real tip on this one. Frank will take care of you."–from Jan L. on 1/31/2016.
- "I (h)ave had repairs and paint work on two of my vehicles and the work was excellent, fast and done very professionally. I would recommend anyone to go there for service."–from Patrick Y. on 1/29/2016.
Nalin C's car "Good morning, I am very please with the work you've done and will use your service again in the future. Thank You." in an e-mail from Nalin C on 2/2/2016
Sunil's Miata Race Car "Thanks! Car turned out quite nice. Almost too nice for a race car :) I'll send more people your way!" in a hand written note from Sunil P. on 1/28/2016
Victor & Alla's Honda "Thank you, Frank!  Our parents are so excited and over the moon about their "new" car, picked up from your shop yesterday. We enjoyed working with you on making this gift happen, and Alla and Victor also  very much  liked meeting you,  and will certainly recommend your shop to friends who need auto body work or painting done. We are very happy that everything has worked out so well. Have a happy New Year's celebration, and all the best in 2016! Kind regards, -Natalya & Elena and our families   :-) :-)" in an e-mail 12/31/2015
Review 5-Stars "Almost Everything Auto Body Repair & Paint provided prompt and fair service.Their estimate was accurate and fair and the work was extremely high quality. My Mazda 6 was hit while parked in a lot and the person did not leave a note. Since I was paying for the work myself and not using insurance, I was pleased that Frank, the owner, offered a few discounts to help keep the cost down. Also, he was friendly and helpful throughout the process and worked hard to make sure the car was completed before the holidays. I would highly recommend Almost Everything Auto Body Repair & Paint."–from Jenny V. on Yelp 12/29/2015.
Review 5-Stars "I came in and brought my 2007 Police Ford Crown Victoria in. I spoke to Frank B. (he's also the owner) and he explained the step by step process that he use's to paint cars. Not only did I get a fantastic price on painting my car! It really looked like it was off the showroom floor. I was very impressed by the job done by Frank and his skilled team of very hard workers! Also Frank kept me posted on the progress of the work being done on my car. Overall Frank is the very BEST in the business. If you need paint or body work done to your car PLEASE GO VISIT FRANK B. He's you guy for your car. Thank you Frank so very much and will see you soon with the next round of cars!"–from Jamil A. on Yelp 10/29/2015.
4-Star Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair "Sent my car in for a repair/repaint of the exterior on the 28th of September, 2015. Had very high hopes due to the other reviews I've read and after getting the car back a little over 2 weeks later, it looks like a totally different car, I had multiple small dents and a rust spot fixed. For the price, I don't think I could have expected anything better and the paint application was mostly smooth aside from a couple of tiny bumps on the rear bumper. The only things that I was not very pleased with was that there was a small part of the driver side mirror that was left unpainted which I wouldn't have liked to have found the day I got the car back, another is that they did not paint the part of the car under the plastic bumper attachments I have, this is partly my fault for not removing them though, so I won't count that as a big negative. I will probably bring my car in some time to see if there can be something done about the mirror paint. Other than those couple of things, the car looks great and when I save up enough money I will definitely bring the car back to get the door jambs painted as well."–from Philip C. on Yelp 10/14/2015.

(Note from Frank at Almost Everything: Philip, thanks for the very nice review. Stop by the shop so we can take care of anything we missed. Thanks again, Frank.)
4-Star Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair "A little pricey, but they did good work. Car came out looking brand new. You get what you pay for."–from Jacob R. on Yelp 9/8/2015.

(Note from Frank at Almost Everything: Thanks, Jacob, for your kind words. While you chose premium urethane paint--at what many would consider a steal of a deal--we also have less expensive options for folks who are interested.)
Review 5-Stars "Had owned my car for 2 weeks when a very high concrete parking stop ripped one of the sides of my air dam partially off so it was dragging.. I had Frank look at it and he was able to pop it back in place-no charge! Very nice of him and because of it I'd definitely go back if my car needed work and would refer friends!"–from Dani S. on Yelp 8/28/2015
Thank You Letter "Almost Everything Auto Body, thank you for your more than generous raffle donations! Your gift certificates made our raffle a huge success!"–from Nor-Cal ChevelleCaminos car club in a note received 9/1/2015
Review 5-Stars "Just got my 11 year old truck back from repainting. It looks almost new - I am thrilled. Frank carefully explained all the paint options and cost vs. durability. I picked the 4 year urethane due to the age of the vehicle and felt completely comfortable with my choice. The job was done on time. Even though this method masked the bumpers and other trim, there are no easily seen issues versus a much more expensive job in removing all of this. Great job! Great value! Thank you!"–from Michael C. on Yelp 7/27/2015
Review 5-Stars "I took my car here for a repaint and another time for a minor parking lot oopsie. Thanks to Frank for the great work and great service!"–from Mark Alan Saguindel on Facebook 7/24/2015
Review 5-Stars "Was recently side swiped and had my car looked at to estimate damages. Of the 3 independent estimates I got, Almost Everything was the most professional, informative, and accurate estimate that I received. Their estimate was so accurate, that when the other car's insurance company estimated the damages separately, they came up with a nearly identical estimate to the one given by Almost Everything. They were then able to quickly repair the damage to the car and even took the time to email an update about the progress and when to expect to pick up the car which I really appreciated. The work they did was wonderful and the way they handled everything was incredibly responsive and professional."–from Daniel Cabrales on Google+ 7/9/2015
Review 5-Stars "I own a ACURA 2003 TL. I went in to get my rare bumper fixed, before that I had visited number of auto body shops to get an estimate. All of them were giving an estimate around 700/1000/1200. I thought of doing some more research and came to know about this shop in Fremont. To my surprise they gave a quote of just 325 and I was confused if there is any trick in it. I somehow went with this offer and after couple of days when I came to pick the car I was so happy to see the repair. It looked as if there was never a issue with the bumper. Awesome work "Almost Everything".. Thanks."–from Rathish N. on Yelp 3/15/2015
Review 5-Stars "I had involved in accident twice last year. The first accident I went to an insurance company authorized body shop to repair my front bumper damage. The job wasn't that good. One of the sensors didn't connected. a tiny area of paint was chipped at the edge of the hood. I had to take the car back to the shop again to fix the problems. I decided to have a BBB diamond certified auto body shop to repair the rear bumper from my second accident. I chose this shop because it was close to my house as well. Sure enough. They did excellent job on the repair. I definitely would recommend my friends to this shop."–from Rick L. on Yelp 2/23/2015
CityVoter Reviews 2015 CityVoter Best of the Bay Area A-List comments:
- "i like the work on my car, makes looks alot better my ride"from Andres G.
- "The job performance and detail is like buying a new car at the dealer."from Jose M.
- "Great service and friendly personnel."from Jim B.
- "The owner, Frank, tells you like it is. He is very open and upfront when giving quotes, and the shop does excellent work. I've recommended them to several of my friends."from John B.
- "I was very much satisfied with the work that was done, vehicle was returned to me when it was promised."–from Michael R.
- "Great customer service. I been to this shop one time and was happy. I would recommend this shop to anyone. Their prices are fare and there is always usually someone who is thorough in their knowledge of all things related to restoring your vehicle. The work is legit."–from Greg W.
- "Awesome paint and body work...everyone asks who did such a nice job! Almost Everything of course!"–from Mike C.
- "Frank gets it done on time and better than new."–from Mark C.
- "Had both my insurance claim on my cars done hear. Very professional and timely with repair as well."–from Drew E.
- "Frank is wonderful to work with. He gets the job done right."–from Chien C.
- "I did a full re-paint of my nissan sentra 2000. Now it looks like brand new. they have a wide choice of colors and their work is neat. Also have good payment options."–from Frank X.
- "They did a great job with my 73 Cutlass."–from Jon E.
- "This auto body shop is customer friendly affording the customer top notch service, ongoing communication including relevant updates, and overall affordability."–from Michael C.
Tahoe before getting painted at Almost Everything Auto Body "Thank you very much Frank, the Tahoe looks young again!  Thank you for the excellent price, that was very generous of you! Mike" in e-mail 2/19/2015
Auto body repair & paint on Audi A4 "Dear Frank, This is a very belated “Thank You” for the great work you did on our car.  It looks almost as good as new, and we plan to drive it for many more miles and many more years. Best wishes, Alan" in e-mail 1/28/2015
Review 5-Stars "Friendly Reliable Service. Frank actually painted our car twice because he was not happy with the way it turned out the first time, even though we thought it was fine..No added fees or upcharge. We are very pleased with how our 2003 Toyota looks like new again.....Sarah and Steve"–from Steve L. on Yelp 1/19/2015
Review 5-Stars "Great work, meticulous detail, good communication, etc."–from Richard G. on CityVoter 1/12/2015
Review 5-Stars "I own a White 2000 Saturn SL2. I pulled a front bumper from another White Saturn at Pick-N-Pull, cleaned it up, and brought it into Almost Everything. I opted for the Bumper Special and signed on for additional bodywork to fill license plate holes and scratches. Well... Frank took care of the paper work and provided a detailed explanation of what we could do. He told me what to expect, and noted that there would be a few spots that would not look as good as new. Well, four days later I had a as-good-as-new front bumper on my car. The results were better than what I expected. The Bumper Special is an excellent deal. I was so delighted that a week later I had them paint the driver-side rear quarter panel. Same procedure. The panel came from another White Pick-N-Pull Saturn. Nice!"–from Emmett M. on Yelp 1/3/2015
Review 5-Stars "Our new SUV had a scrape on the passenger door when we were entering the garage...I just took into the AE to get a quote and I was looking at a quote around $200 to $500...First of all kudos to AE for their online appointment system which is simple and easy...For our convienence they give a time range...I arrived at their Store at around 8:30 AM as my appmnt was between 8 to 10 AM...There was Joel who was very professional and immediately took a look at my Car...He was honest and told me that we could try polishing if the scratch can be fixed...I was skeptical but too my surprise he removed all the scratches near my passenger door...And AE did not charge a penny...I like the professionalism and the honesty by AE and would strongly recommend anyone to get their body work done at AE...And no wonder they have been the best in last 4 years for their service...GO AE!! keep up the good work..."–from KJ on 12/21/2014
Review 5-Stars "Frank went beyond the exemplary service in getting my car repaired by talking relentless with the insurance (you know how hard it is to talk to them) as well getting getting it to an original state. I am very happy with their care, attention and customer service. Would definitely recommend to my friends as well as anyone who are looking for body shop repairs."–from Vin G. on Yelp 12/6/2014
Review 5-Stars "I bought a former taxi that was several different colors... YOU CAN NEVER EVER TELL NOW!!!! Frank did an awesome job. I was treated so well, I am looking for something else they can paint. There may be other great body shops, but I myself, dont need to look for them. My Escape turned out so good, it was Car of The Day on their website!!! John Sollars"–from TotalAppDriving T. on Yelp 11/5/2014
Review 5-Stars “Frank is the guy who walked me through as smoothly as possible on processing to get my car painted. My car is a 1998 Honda, the paint is old, chipped off, getting uglier and dirtier look each day. Frank asked me --if I will keep the car for at least another 5 years, if it's worth spending money to fix it or not? He made me think but since I love this car's make and model, I decided to have it painted. In other words, he was upfront and honest with his opinion. I did not feel any pressure while he was doing his sales talk. So, I decided to have it painted. I did not wait long days to get it fixed. Frank arranged it well, they also contacted the car rental for a special deal with their customers and they picked me up from the shop. I will definitely recommend doing business with them.”–from Sam A. on Yelp 10/1/2014
Review 5-Stars “My wife had a front fender bender only 2 months after they repainting our car beautifully. Joel gave us an excellent "repeat" customer discount that saved us $Hundreds of dollars (Invoice #7475). We provided aftermarket Front Bumper Cover & Driver Fender purchased from EBAY and They installed them perfectly. The Paint job and custom pinstripe was a exact match. Furthermore, Frank showed amazing tenacity when the new light marker wasn't fitting well (Way too tight) on the aftermarket bumper cover. He spent an extra 40 minutes carefully shaving off the plastic opening with an Exacto knife until it finally snapped flush & correctly into place (At NO EXTRA Charge!). The results were better than original paint job and no signs the accident ever happened. We will be customer's for life! Thank You Frank & Joel.”–from Paul G. on Yelp 9/23/2014
Review 5-Stars “This is the first time I am writing a review in Yelp and I am giving the rating that I have given because this place really deserves it. I had some scratches on my car and I went to a couple of auto shops around and they gave me a quote of 800 or 1200 $ to repaint the bumper. However I went to this shop and Joel was the person who was helping me and he looked at the scratches and said he would try to remove the scratches and polish it free of cost. I tried it and guess what the scratches was completely removed and he just asked me to write a review. so here I am writing a review. Joel is extremely honest and there quotes are genuine.”–from D S. on Yelp 9/22/2014
Review 5-Stars Had fender inserts painted here in a satin white pearl which is really hard to get exact especially if you do not blend it with the car. They were able to get a pretty decent match and they got it done in no time. Very satisfied. Will definitely be back for all my future paint jobs.”–from J.L. on Yelp 9/3/2014
Review 5-Stars “Last week I took my old looking Nissan hard body pickup to this shop. When I first brought it in I was too embarrassed to even have it parked in front of my house as I live in a pretty nice neighborhood and it was an eyesore. I parked it on the opposite side of the street as I didn't want anybody to know it was mine. After I got it back it looked so nice I parked it in my driveway and even took it to a church picnic and I got tons of compliments. These guys are honest and their work is awesome! Having my BMW painted by them next week! These guys are great! Frank will work with you and beat any deal out there and Joel will not let another shop undersell them either!”–from Juan D. on Almost Everything's Feedback Page 9/1/2014
Review 5-Stars “Great job!“–from Cliff T. on Almost Everything's Feedback Page 8/25/2014
Mark's Honda Civic Painted at Almost Everything Auto Body "Thanks AE's Frank, for your great service and an excellent job on my Honda Civic's respray. I didn't expect to get my back car in 3 days! You saved me from having to rent my car any longer. I'm telling all my friends about you guys!”–from Mark S. on Facebook 8/10/2014
Review 5-Stars “Short and sweet. Great service at a great price. Fixed issue ahead of schedule and for less money than expected.”–from John R. on Almost Everything's Feedback Page 8/9/2014
Review 5-Stars “I've dealt with many body shops, and have a wealth of experience in vehicle restoration (both with my own business, and managing dealerships/brokerages), and would take a vehicle back to Frank at Almost Everything any day of the week. He founded and has owned the shop for many years, and is probably the most intelligent auto body person, and shop owner, for that matter, that I've ever dealt with. His prices are extremely reasonable, and work quality surpasses that of any budget-friendly shop that I've dealt with throughout LA and the SF Bay Area; this includes surpassing Maaco's quality. Never deal with Maaco. Auto body work is never cheap if you want a good job done; please be willing to pay accordingly to have your car come out looking right (this means having them do preparations such as sanding, fixing pinholes and chips, painting the jams, etc.), or do the preparation work yourself (if you know how!). I've seen his $399 paint jobs too, and for that price, they're excellent. We are restoring a Pontiac Firebird within a certain budget, and proceeded with doing the prep work ourselves, and went with the urethane paint. I think painting the jams is a necessity, no matter what, so we had those painted as well. All in all, it costed $1000 for an excellent job (this included the body paint, painting of the jams, and painting the parts we had removed from the vehicle). Frank was fast to correct a few areas that I needed retouched. Even though Frank is over an hour away during traffic, I will be doing business again with Almost Everything later this year.”–from Robert L. on Yelp 8/4/2014
Review 5-Stars “Joel and Frank is very nice and helpful throughout my car's restoration process. It took a little longer then expected because restoration is not direct bolt-on - it need extra patient and that is what I like. They even source the parts for me when the OEM replacement is not available. Definitely a great body shop!”–from Matthew S. on Almost Everything's Feedback Page 7/12/2014
4-Star Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair "Joel and Frank is very nice and helpful throughout my car's restoration process. It took a little longer then expected because restoration is not direct bolt-on - it need extra patient and that is what I like. They even source the parts for me when the OEM replacement is not available. The only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is that during the process their have trouble reconnect my signal lights, and I had to drive my car back to my mechanic to figure out what is wrong - turns out AE's technician yanked the wire and broke them. Had they be a little more careful I would have saved the trip to mechanic and 1/2 hours of labor cost for diagnostic. I still highly recommend this place and would go again next time if needed :)"–from Matthew S. on Yelp 7/11/2014
Review 5-Stars “I'm very happy with the overall services they've provided. My Honda Accord 2001 had been painted twice within a year at the same shop. Overall, it meets my expectation when it comes to quality and cost. I would not hesitate to recommend them to other customers. If you're looking for a good quality with affordable cost, this would be your shop.”–from Marlon D. on Almost Everything's Feedback Page 6/24/2014
Almost Everything Auto Body car photo posted by customer on Yelp "Thank you almost everything body shop! great job on my repainted SUV. looks nice and new now. im very satisfied. thanks Frank & Joel.”–from Alex P. on Yelp 6/19/2014
Review 5-Stars “Perfectly done! All body work, painting, and related paperwork with insurance companies handled expeditiously, expertly and with charming personal relations.”–from Richard M. on Almost Everything's Feedback Page 6/14/2014
Review 5-Stars “Very professional from estimate to completion. Joel was informative and personable, the work (promised in 5 to7 working days) was completed in 2 days. Joel called to tell me that windshield washer nozzles had popped out during sanding and AE provided replacements from stock w/o charge. Good work and good communications. Well done.”–from Gina Greaves on Google+ 6/10/2014
Review 5-Stars “I was very impressed by the website and was anxious to see some of their completed work in person. I was not disappointed. The cars I saw looked great. My Mustang had many existing problems with the surface finish and poor prep, I told them that I would not expect perfection. They explained that it is hard to tell what will happen with unknown applied primer, bodywork and sanding. I did not expect the car to look like a showpiece but I was very pleased by the results. The color is fantastic! The dark Highland green really suits the body style. The finish is very glossy with no runs and an acceptable amount of orange peel. There were a couple of small problem areas on the rear panel but that couldn't have been predicted or prevented without them having the opportunity to do a lot more preparation. Joel was very understanding that my car was just going to be a low buck driver. I am very happy with the results. I really felt that they were enthusiastic about my project. I would not hesitate to have them paint another car in the future. Thanks.”–from Jose C. D. on Almost Everything's Feedback Page 6/1/2014
Review 5-Stars “'Twas an awesome experience...Thank You!!!!”–from Joan W. on Almost Everything's Feedback Page 5/27/2014
Review 5-Stars “I was at the shop to get the estimate of dent on my back fender. I stopped by at a few other shops and estimates were around $700 or so. At Almost Everything shop, I was greeted by smile and they listened to my problem and explained patiently my options. Then Frank took a look at my car and he said there might be good news and then got under the car and pushed the dent back out. And it was GOOD as NEW!! He even polished to get some scrub marks out. All of this for no charge!!! I couldn't ask for better service. Highly recommended.”–from M T. on Yelp 5/10/2014
Review 5-Stars “I spoke to both Frank/Joel over the phone several times (Several minutes) for technical advice before I even met them in person. As an amateur "Do It Yourselfer for body Sanding/Filling" on a tight budget, I appreciated their time & technical support which was invaluable to me. They gave me the Best Priced paint job with Excellent Quality service. When I dropped the car off, Frank noticed that I didn't remove the 3 chrome emblems from the rear truck area so He quickly removed them so I could sand that area as well before leaving. Frank also gave me some additional masking material to better cover/protect the inside of my new alloy wheel from any over spray. This level of customer service really impressed me. The final results were great. The outside paint was both very smooth & high gloss, but what impressed me most was no detectable overspray anywhere (Interior, under hood, under truck, windows, wheels etc.). They also provided me with a $200.00 Internet discount coupon as well. Further, Frank did a great job doing the Pinstripping after Painting car with me watching him the whole time so I would be totally satified with the location placement on both sides of the car, both sides of the hood, and the back truck lid area... using 2 ea. Custom Pinstriping Kits I supplied - All for only $100.00 bucks more. My Total cost was only $600.00 for 1 Primer coat & 2 coats 2 year UV Protection Paint Warranty. What a Deal!!! My Wife's 2003 Elantra looks as good as new again. There's a reason this shop has received so many Bay Area awards the last 4 or 5 years in a row. I highly recommend this Paint Shop... Frank is as honest as Business Owners come these days! Just Awesome 5-Stars service all the way--Paul G. P.S. - I wish I could have attached my finished 2003 Elantra car photos - They are that good! ”–from Paul G. on Yelp 5/5/2014
Review 5-Stars “I don't even know where to begin!!! I'm always going to come here if my car needs something done. I have nothing but great experiences. I scratched one side of my car. I came in and Joel the manager was very friendly and explained in detail everything he was going to do to my car. They had a special on paint jobs and saved me money! It took them two days to finish and he even smoothed out another mark on the side of you car free of charge. The second time I came in was because someone scratched my car on my drivers door and it left a black mark. So obviously I was gonna go back to get it fix. Joel was there and he just put this solution on the mark which made it came off completely. He didn't even charge me for it! I'm very thankful I found this place! I've only spoke with Joel and I find him very professional and friendly. I trust him completely with my car. Thank you! “–from Louise B. on Yelp 3/22/2014
Review 5-Stars “These guys are Awesome. Honest and Professional. I took my car to them for small scratches on my rear bumper and they had applied some polish to see if it goes away. Luckily the scratches went away and they did not charge me anything for this. How nice of them. I am almost sure if it was some other place, they would have ripped me off by saying that we need to paint the whole bumper. If I have any need of body / paint job in the future, I would definitely go to this place. I checked the prices and they are very reasonable.”–from Mallikharjuna A. on Yelp 2/23/2014
Review 5-Stars “Frank and Joel were extremely friendly and helpful. Before we even gave them our business Frank was more than willing to buff out a little scratch on the side of my car. The pricing was excellent for a bumper repair and they even cleaned my car up before returning it. We will definitely go back if we need anything.”–from Laura T. on Yelp 12/31/2013
Review 5-Stars "Really good first impression.  I brought my car in just to get my emblems switched out on my Kia. I picked up some awesome K emblems that look way nicer than the American KIA emblem. I brought it in, and Joel (great name by the way) took care of this quickly, efficiently, and it didn't cost me much.

"I spoke to Frank on the phone, and he was pleasant and helpful.

"Check these guys out if you need anything done to your car."–from Joel S. on Yelp 11/17/2013
Review 5 Stars “I came into Almost Everything as I'd scraped the bumper of my friend's car. I wanted to give the car back in the same condition I'd borrowed it in. Owner Frank suggested we try buffing it before I signed up to repaint the bumper. To my surprise and gratitude the buffing compound did the trick and he did not charge me. Thanks so much!”+++."–from Karen N. on Yelp 11/11/2013
Review 5 Stars "I had my 1994 Isuzu Rodeo painted by Almost Everything and they did a SPECTACULAR job. The clear coat on my car's paint was peeling off so I took the car to them based on other Yelp reviews. They exceeded my expectations! In one week, they gave my car a two-stage paint job with clear coat for about $1500. That included painting my roof rack and some trim, plus they fixed some dents too. It has been about 4 months since the paint job and my car looks like new! Their customer service was terrific too. A+++."–from Leon G. on Yelp 11/8/2013
Review 5 Stars "great jobs done.. i have given them  few cars to paint ,,all of come back with satisfactory stander .. if you selling your cars this is the only  place to be... why ...cause its the cheap and great job.. the owner is super nice.."–from sunny s. on Yelp 11/1/2013
Review 5 Stars "I needed my Honda Accord, repainted as the black color faded and looked grey. The price was right, best among the others, job was well explained, they dropped me at the Bart Station to take ride back home, the owner Frank was nice and friendly person to deal with , job was done in time, the car was painted to my satisfaction, now I have to see whether how long it will last, they gave warranty for a year. Overall, so far so good, no complain. Good luck in their business"–from Amiruddin N. on Yelp 10/23/2013
Honda Accord Review for Almost Everything Collision Repair "Hi Frank you painted our 1994 Honda Accord a few months back and we are very happy about the way it came out. So we decided to give your contact information to my Aunt, her name is (deleted) and she has an Infinity sedan type car that needs painting. I have assured her that you and your staff will take good care of her! Regards, Mike P." in e-mail 10/9/2013
5-Star Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair "Me and the hubby were looking for a place to get our 89 civic painted. The old paint on the car was a mess, I think spray-painted, and we needed to get it fixed badly. We price matched from different places, and decided to go with this place. We were very pleased! They did better than we expected, and had great customer service. We went line by line on the price matching, they were very clear on what we were getting, got the price down to beat their competitors for even more work. I would definitely come here again. They said it would take 4-7 days to get the car back and we got it back in 7. We got exactly what we wanted - affordable, no bad surprises, and good communication from the employees. Nothing bad to say here!

I would suggest, the price matching, and they do like to beat their competitors ;) ask about it!"–from jj c. on Yelp 8/17/2013
5-Star Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair "Frank and Joel were very professional and friendly. I got what I can afford ! I requested 1 thing, a little love for my old Acura, and it was evident they put some! The hood of the car was immaculate, gone were the dings and road scars that went deep to the metal! For the price, not bad at all, good job guys and happy diving Frank!"–from Eddie I. on Yelp 8/15/2013
5-Star Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair "Hi, I had my whole car a 1991 Acura Integra painted at AEABRP "almost everything auto body" I paid just about $400.00 with coupon. Got the cheapest paint job & paid about $80 extra included in the 400.00 price above for a primer sealer coat before they spayed the 2 coats of paint on it. I think for what I paid the car looks very good! Nice job almost everything auto body!"–from Paul M. on Yelp 6/11/2013
5-Star Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair "Hi Frank, My wife and I are very satisfied with the quality of the job and the compelling price after the discount you gave us. All in all, you have earned two more happy customers. I would like to refer your shop to any of my friends who might be in need. Regards, Wei" in e-mail 6/10/2013
5-Star Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair "Great work, my Highlander needed minor work and paint, the job was done very well and quickly. I would go back without hesitation."–from Kenny F. on Yelp 5/9/2013
5-Star Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair "We got my wife's car painted and what a great job they did. They did it in short timeframe during the holidays and looks as perfect as we expected. Frank and Joel really know customer service and we appreciate it. Thanks guys."–from Satish S. on Yelp 1/4/2013
5-Star Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair "Attn: Joel, I just want you to know how very pleased I am with your company and workmanship. My bumper was in serious need of help from sun damage and "bumps" etc. and now it looks as good as new. And thank you for the car wash too. Nice touch! Sincerely, Jeane Garrett" in hand written note 10/3/2012
5-Star Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair "Frank, Sorry this took so long but I missed the August race weekend so this was the first chance I've had to get the car out. As you can see, I've got your stickers on the crest of the rear wheel arches. It looks like they were made for that area :). I got lots of comments about the quality of the paint job this weekend so I would expect to see some business coming your way. I'll continue to do what I can to preach your virtues. I left a Yelp review and I'll get something posted to our 944 Spec and PRC forums as well. These pictures aren't the greatest so I'll see what I can do to get some that better show the color. This is Infineon Turn 2. I won on Saturday and finished 2nd Sunday. That sealed the 2012 championship repeat for me. Thanks again, Steve Lewis" in e-mail 10/2/2012
4-Star Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair "Quality Good–Made an appointment for 3:30 with Frank. Got there a little before 3:30 but had to wait an additional 30 minutes just to be greeted and helped. Not a great start. Turns out right when I got there, Frank was already helping someone else and it took forever to get to me. It would help if they had a backup person to help those with appointments." from Kenneth Embalsado on Google+ 10/2012
5-Star Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair "Frank and the crew. . . are great. I had them do some body work and paint on my Porsche race car and then also paint my truck camper shell. Both were unusual requests and they had no issues handling my needs. The results on both were much better than expected and I've had several complements on the job. I recommend them to anyone that asks. Thanks guys!"–from S.M. on Yelp 10/2/2012
5-Star Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair "My mom got a hand-me-down car from my brother who is a mechanic. And of course, it runs well, but has panels of different shades of gray and some dents here and there. All my mom wanted was a car that is all one color. So I found a great deal here for $299 for the most basic paint job.

"My parents don't speak much English, but wanted to get this thing moving along. So they took the car in for evaluation by themselves. Frank was nice enough to write up an estimate of work that he thinks needs to be done and talked to me over the phone while my parents were there to make sure we understood the prep work needed since we were planning to do the prep work ourselves.

"We sanded and primed the car and brought it back in for painting. They were fully booked when we dropped it off, but I got a call much earlier than anticipated to pick it up. They had an opening and worked us in earlier.

"My parents went to pick up the car. From far away: Mom: Wow, my car is so beautiful! Dad: That's not your car, looks too good to be your car. (both looks at the license plate, and it was my mom's car and were both shocked) Then they both ooohed and awwwed at the nice shiny car. My boyfriend met up with them before they signed off on the car to do a final inspection and was shocked by the nice paint job for the price we paid. We would definitely recommend this place."–from Mindy K. on Yelp 8/23/2012
"We want to thank all of you for the great job painting our Blazer (white). Will recommend you to family & friends. Great Job" – from Rich & Pat Cassano" in hand written note 6/15/2012
5-Star Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair "Thanks Frank you really made a miracle out of my car."–from John Paul on Facebook 7/10/2012
5-Star Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair "Frank, Gerald and Cricket did all they could to make it possible for me to get my 15-year-old Honda Accord repainted after the clearcoat had been steadily delaminating for years. They gave me good guidance on what choices to make according to my priorities and their price and quality options, and the car looks shinier than when I bought it when it was five years old -- so much better that, afterward, I had a hard time recognizing it in big parking lots, at first. I just picked up the car, so only time will tell if it lasts at least 5 years, as the warranty for the level of work that I paid for says it will, but as long as Frank and this. . . shop are still here, I feel they'd make anything right that I wasn't pleased with. I appreciate them and recommend them."–from Judith A. on Yelp 4/8/2012
5-Star Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair "Overall Excellent–Great service. The owner spent considerable amount of time with us in order to find us the best solution for our Accord 99 bumper. Very pleased with the service!" from A Google User on Google+ 4/2012
5-Star Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair "Frank and his team did an excellent job with my Honda CRV collision repair. Frank took time to explain to me the various options so I could clearly understand what I was getting for what price. During the repair process, he kept me informed of the progress the whole time, e.g. insurance approval status, repair/paint updates.

"He even go an extra mile. I thought the damage of my rear side door had affected the auto lock of the front door on the same side. He helped investigate the problem and called me on the phone while he worked on the doors to review the situation. At the end, the lock was working properly again, at no extra cost, and the car looks great."–from Cheoh T on Yelp 3/3/2012
"Hi Frank, I had the truck lid and rear fender flare painted a couple of weeks ago. The customer service was outstanding and the paint job was fantastic. Please extend my thanks to your team. Thanks again! -Michael Espinoza" -in an e-mail, 2/1/2012
5-Star Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair "I had a complete paint job and minor dent touch ups on my 2005 chevy tahoe at this store; and they did an awesome job. I will highly recommend this store to anybody that I know. They are very experienced in their job, affordable cheap price, with quick turn around time. The custormer service I received from Gerald and his co-worker was beyond quatification. In general, i was highly satisfied with the job they did for me and it really worth the long distance drive I did from Tracy -Fremont CA to get my autobody and paint job done. 5*++++++++++++Rating. Tony -Tracy CA"–from Uzo O. on Yelp 1/15/2012
5-Star Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair "I am very pleased with the overall quality of my paint job and give high marks to you, Gerald, and your team! I know you're probably very busy this time of the year, so I will stop by after the new year to see if maybe a little bit of touch up paint around the headlights might just spiff it up a bit. I appreciate your time and follow through and will definitely recommend to friends and family. Merry Christmas!"–in an e-mail from Irene, 12/20/2011
5-Star Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair "Nice job on my car!" -in handwritten letter from Sara Forte 12/15/2011
5-Star Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair "I had my 83 El Camino painted at Almost Everything Autobody @ Centralmont. I am very pleased with the job. I feel they did a little extra and I should do a little extra by making this public. Well done and thank you to Frank and Rob and the whole crew. I was in the auto repair business in Fremont for 32 years. I know when the folks care and I feel they cared. Well Done, Ed Leal :{D All the Best"-on Facebook, 10/15/2011
5-Star Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair "Thanks Almost Everything Autobody front bumper repainted 08/16/2011"–from J.R. on Facebook, 8/16/2011
5-Star Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair "Frank and the guys. . . are GREAT.... Always the best price and top notch service. If your looking for a stand up guy who knows what hes talking about and will not charge you an arm and a leg go see Frank. I had my car painted Matte Black and it came out GREAT.... Stop shopping around and go to the BEST. Thanks Frank"–from DJ F. on Yelp 6/2/2011
A Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair 2010-4th Quarter Customer Satisfaction Score of 96.0% based on survey requests to 168 Almost Everything Autobody customers by CSi Complete, a national provider of customer satisfaction indexing and call center services to business.
5-Star Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair "The best place for good quality honest work."–from Ken K. on 1/25/2011
5-Star Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair "Not only they're nice but they gave opporuntiy to high school age kids to intern at the shop so they can thrive! How cool is that?"–from "Colin P" on 1/25/2011
A Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair 2010-3rd Quarter Customer Satisfaction Score of 94.0% based on survey requests to 296 Almost Everything Autobody customers by CSi Complete, a national provider of customer satisfaction indexing and call center services to business.
5-Star Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair "Wow. No one else came close. I needed my Mercedes fixed after a stoplight "mishap." I guess the first thing that struck me as I was getting quotes was that this place was different. First the office looked great & there were several awards on the walls. Then the estimator was the only one who got on the ground and looked under my car. He took me back into the office, entered my VIN on the computer and showed me diagrams of my actual car with all the parts they were going to replace. He gave me a copy of their warranty--Lifetime warranty! They got the work done quickly and the only problem I have is that the front end (what they fixed) looks better than the rest of the car. This was a great experience."-from "TomM1967" on 11/26/2010
5-Star Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair "Great job fixing the damage to my truck. They dealt with the insurance company, got the rental car for me and made everything pretty painless. . . The repair was seamless."–Dave B. -on 11/26/2010
5-Star Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair "They made my bumper look like nothing ever happened and they did it for less than my deductible."–from an anonymous customer on Google 11/25/2010
4-Star Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair "Good Cheap Paint Job. My car was faded and looked bad. I saw. . . ads for a cheap paint job and decided to give it a try. I have to say that it was better than I expected. There are a some dust specs in the paint and a little paint around the edges of the windows where the rubber is so it's not perfect--but for the price it looks great. My friends say the car looks 100% better. So maybe 4 and a half stars."–from PaolaG on 09/27/2010
A+ Star Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair 2010-2nd Quarter Customer Satisfaction Score of 98.0% based on survey requests to 181 Almost Everything Autobody customers by CSi Complete, a national provider of customer satisfaction indexing and call center services to business.
4-Star Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair "I'm very satisfied with the service and quality of the job. . . I have a Mercedes CL which had lots of bumper dings. Took it to them for their $99 bumber special and they color matced the bumper exactly to the original color. Both the owner Frank and his associate Emerson where very professional. I would go back to them again for any paint job."–from "Richard H" on Yelp 7/12/2010
2010–1st Quarter Customer Satisfaction Score–No score provided by CSi Complete. Minimum of 50 responses required to provide a score for the quarter.
B Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair 2009–4th Quarter Customer Satisfaction Score of 86.0% based on survey requests to 105 Almost Everything Autobody customers by CSi Complete, a national provider of customer satisfaction indexing and call center services to business.
5-Star Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair "Good place to get your car painted and looking nice for an affordable price."–from "Marilyn" on Yahoo! 12/11/2009
5-Star Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair "Let me begin by saying I wasn't expecting to be amazed when I went in for an estimate. . . But, not only did the prices pleasantly surprise me, so did the customer service. I was given what I consider a great deal for a considerable amount of work (paint job, rear bumper fixed, dents taken out of my hood for $1100), and now my car pretty much looks like new. They were very thorough, kind, and considerate of my wishes. I definitely feel like I found my regular bodyshop. . . and highly recommend it to others."–from "Marsha J" on Yelp 10/4/2009
A- Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair 2009–3rd Quarter Customer Satisfaction Score of 90.2% based on survey requests to 68 Almost Everything Autobody customers by CSi Complete, a national provider of customer satisfaction indexing and call center services to business.
5-Star Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair "Nice job on my 2000 Toyota Camry! Overall I was very satisfied. The. . . employees were polite worked within my budget and they delivered the car two days ahead of schedule. Most of all it looks great!"-from "JSLO" on Yahoo! Local 7/28/2009
5-Star Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair "My car and I received great customer service from Frank. . . The outcome of the paintjob and repair turned out excellent. They also called and communicated information in regards to the car in a timely fashion. Highly recommend. . . Thanks Frank!"–from "anthony g" on Yelp 6/30/2009
5-Star Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair "I got great service. . . They matched the perfect color to paint the car to its stock original color. They fixed a dent and took care of some scratches. They were very efficient and paid attention to details. They keep me informed and the car was read when promised. It looks beautiful!!! I would highly refer all my friends and family to them. They did a fantastic job. Thanks, Bob"–from "Robert M" on Yelp 5/19/2009
5-Star Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair "Great service. Was leaving on a short vacation, they returned my car before I could leave even though the estimated time was after I returned. Explained everything very clearly. I was so impressed that I took my van the next day to fix a dent in the bumper."–from "1998 Corolla" on Yahoo! 5/16/2009
5-Star Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair "I bought a old Toyota last year with very poor paint but decent body. After trying a few paint cans myself, the car looked worse than it started. I read some reviews and decided to go. . . This particular location was running a deal on craigslist for the low end paint job so I went there for a estimate on a Wednesday afternoon. Emerson was very polite and helpful and addressed all my concerns about masking and overspray. I got the extra prep. for $149 and it was well worth it. He said he could do a little rust removal for $70. Also, well worth it. He said he could give me a ride to BART and have the car done by friday. As it turns out they didn't finish till Tuesday. However, when I went to get the car it looked excellent. They was no overspray anywhere and the rust removal came out better than expected. Came in with the price quoted as well. Overall, I would highly recommend this shop. The only problem was they finished the job 2 days latter then promised but the excellent results were worth the wait. I told Emerson I was planning to keep the car for about 2 years and He said maybe I would keep it longer. After seeing how the car turned out I just may keep this car longer after all."-from "HARRY M" on Yelp 5/2/2009
4-Star Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair "What happens when the economy sucks and no one wants to buy your old car? You get a cheap paint job! My old car died in July.... I bought my new car a couple weeks later but it took me from then til to slowly do all the necessary repairs and get a paint job, as it became clear that no one wanted to buy a less-than-perfect condition used car. Overall, I'm satisfied with the service here. I do have a couple gripes, but nothing major.

- There are several levels of paint jobs for all budgets, and beyond that there are sales/coupons going on all the time.
- Overall price paid was still less than most competitors
- I got the cheapest level of paint job and it did not come out looking cheap. It looks shiny and new!
- I got super busy and was unable to pick my car up for a few days longer than anticipated; they kept it out of the rain the entire time and didn't give me any grief about it. Good customer service!

- The quote they gave me over the phone was a bit misleading and did not include the manual labor or prep work. The price I ended up paying was reasonable, but still more than I was prepared for (based on the phone quote).
- A detail in the paint job that was agreed upon in the contract did not actually happen -- I opted to accept a discount rather than leave the car behind any longer to have them fix it. Just a heads up to look over your car carefully before accepting it back.

"Overall, I'd say this is a good option if you're on a budget. I'm sure you can get even higher-end paint job/collision work done if you've got the money to burn -- but it's good to see that a shoe-string budget can be accommodated as well. Just be sure to get the entire quote - in person - with all steps and labor included before you get too excited about the price. UPDATE: I didn't do a formal update for this, since I'm not knocking any stars off... but I found out that they forgot to take the paper off underneath my engine after the paint job, which caused my radiator to overheat and leak. Yuck! Not terribly expensive to have checked out elsewhere, but still an unfortunate boo boo. If you get your car painted here, check underneath the engine for big sheets of paper taped up, before you leave."-from "Melissa T" on Yelp 12/23/2008
5-Star Rating Auto Paint & Body Repair "I highly recommend. . . I had them do some body work and paint my 1982 Pontiac Phoenix. I bought the car brand new and it was the very first new car I had ever owned. They took great care of "her" and the paint job is outstanding. Frank and Mike are very knowledgable, friendly and fun to work with. If you take your vehicle to them you can be assured of an A-One job."–from "Carole" on Yahoo! 10/20/2008
"We were looking for a Class A factory quality paint job on our 1998 Honda Accord on a tight budget... and we came pretty close! Yes, we did have get the high end Signature package and we had some addtional costs for body work, but it was worth it. For next time, we will spend more time looking at the body and identifying and documenting the location of the various dents and dings (which you do up front with the. . .sales guy) because we missed a really small one othe trunk that sticks out (to me but nobody else notices it) with the finished paint job. All in all I would highly recomend these guys"–from "Phil J" on Yelp 10/7/2008


  1. The clear-coat on our kid's college commute car was peeling and looked terrible. Our mechanic referred us to get a quote from Frank or Joel at Almost Everything - so we did. They were very accommodating and flexible with our budget. We did not feel pressured into getting our work done there. We had the car painted and opted for the 4-year warranty. We were very satisfied with the service and the paint job. The car looked great - inside and out. We subsequently had two more of our cars painted there (both of them also had peeling clear-coat). With the second car, we noticed there was some overspray on the rubber moldings and heavy dust in the interior so we asked that that be taken care of before we took possession of the car. They took care of it and we were satisfied - Again, it was a nice paint job! They painted our third car this week. It came out very nice. Overall these people were easy to work with and they provided good quality paint jobs at a fair price.

    Patrick H. July 29, 2016

  2. Back in August, I was looking for a body shop to paint my 1991 Dodge Caravan. The roof was rusted and the clear coat in rear sections on both sides of the vehicle was peeling badly. The vehicle was a two-toned red and gray color. Frank suggested repainting the entire vehicle red to save some money. That was a terrific idea. He gave a nice price to repaint the entire vehicle. Frank and his crew did an excellent job on surface prep and the paint job made a 25 year old vehicle look like it just came out of the show room. There were no blemishes or over spray of paint anywhere on the vehicle. The paint was very smooth. I've heard nothing but good comments about the paint job. Thanks to Frank and his crew for the excellent work.

    Tom L.
    Sept. 23, 2016

  3. Good job done om Mercedes Benz... Mike & co. were very professional...

  4. Clean modern facility and professional service. They have painted my car and truck and both came out of the booth looking great! Would highly recommend this shop. They go the extra mile in explaining in detail what they offer and work with you on pricing. Try them last and see if you don't get a better deal!

  5. After damage received on our front right fender of our Mercedes, we brought our car into Almost Everything for it to be fixed. The right fender was replaced and painted to match our car. The color was a perfect match. The fender doesn't look as if it had ever been damaged. We are very pleased. We will be recommending this business for friends and family.

  6. Great customer service and excellent paint job. Frank Barnard, a great guy! Almost Everything Autobody has painted our three cars (Jaguar XJ-6, Mercedes ML430 and BMW 740iL). We are very happy with a very reliable, on time excellent paint job for the price. I highly recommend them for any paint job. Thank you, Frank!!

  7. Had my Dodge truck painted in August. It came out looking great! Quality work at a reasonable price. Frank is great to work with. Made sure everything was right. Would definitely recommend Almost Everything! Joel S.


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