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Thursday, February 26, 2015

ZZ chop: The FORCE

Almost Everything customer Billy Budde famed for his custom choppers & revolutionary motorcycle design
Almost Everything was honored to have had the one & only Billy Budde in the shop today. Billy is no longer building motorcycles and his Suburban needs a paint job. So he was here for a quote.

Billy is a local hero. His San Leandro motorcycle shop anchored the custom scene in California long before places like Orange County Choppers and Jesse James Choppers existed. Click the links below for vintage article and current discussions about his revolutionary designs.

Almost Everything customer Billy Budde famed for his custom choppers including "The Force."

ZZ chop: The FORCE: ... is very strong in this one. Built by Billy Budde's from san Leandro, CA. Great idea for paint I must say, the marbelizing effect is ...

1978 Street Chopper magazine cover featuring Billy Budde's "Sweet Suzanne"

Monday, May 30, 2011

Thursday, March 31, 2011

We've Never Fixed One of These--But We Imagine They Crash Often

Kerry McLean & his Monocycle

Kerry, of course, holds the World Land Speed Record for a 1-wheeled vehicle.

For more info or to purchase a McLean Monocycle visit: or

McLean's Original 1971 Monocycle

Kerry McLean Rocket Roadster
Amazing to us is that mono-wheels have been around for well over 100 years. See some history here: Motorwheels/Monowheels.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

1950's Italian Police Motorcycle Drill Team

1950's Motorcycle Drill Team, Rome, Italy

Watch this great old footage of a large, precision motorcycle drill team in Rome. We love the way the old bikes look.

Thanks to our great friends Joe Golda and Nat Robinson at Vintporium Architectural Salvage for sending this to us. Joe and Nat have a unique business finding and restoring antique hardware for homes, stuff like lights and chandeliers, door and window hinges, latches and knobs, and even whole doors, windows and mouldings. If you like old houses, you'll like these guys:

Vintporium fixture with Edison light bulb

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Motorcycle from Helicam

DK Productions has a great follow-up to the car drifting video we posted a couple of months ago. This time we're on a Suzuki GSRX750 motorcycle. Once again we are treated to great driving skills, surprising & artistic camera work set on what appears to be another distant planet. It could be computer generated--it looks like a video game--but it's real! Check out DK's other work including Next Top Model, skateboard and motorcycle racing competitions, car drifting and more. We think this is the company to go to for dramatic video--and a good excuse for a trip to Athens. Thanks Dimitris!

GSRX750 Helicam view from DK Video Productions on Vimeo.

Check-out DK Productions websites:

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

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