Sunday, November 15, 2009

Color Matching

Almost Everything Autobody can match virtually any factory color. Manufacturers have been marking their vehicles with a "color code" ever since the 1940's & 1950's. Our paint manufacturer has been one of the top suppliers to the automotive industry since the industry began. So we have paint formulas available on our computer for 99.9% of all factory paint going back decades. If you want to change colors and have seen something you like, we can match that too. Our color data base allows us to look-up colors by year, make, model & color name. So if you have a 2006 Mustang in "Screaming Yellow Clearcoat" but you've gotten a bunch of speeding tickets and have decided that "Darkest Tungsten" off the 2010 Rolls Royce Phantom is outrageously cool AND less likely to attract as much police interest, we can match it.

Some caveats--we can match almost any color BUT the best color matches are produced with the best paints that we have. So it may be necessary to pay for a more expensive paint finish to get the color and/or the effect you are looking for. The good news is that even with our least expensive, single-stage paints we can provide a fairly close, although not exact, match to about 85% of factory colors. An example of a color that requires more expensive paint processes is White Pearl Tri-Stage (also called Diamond White, Crystal White, etc.) Also, we recommend 2-stage paint (Almost Everything's Base Coat/Clear Coat or Factor Match Paint Services) for most silvers, golds, champagne and bronze colors. Almost Everything Autobody has single-stage formulas available for silvers, golds, champagnes and bronzes but some people are less satisfied with the color match capability in these particular colors. The process is different than the original factory paint process and the colors can appear significantly less vibrant & luminous. We are happy to show customers samples of the differences between 1-stage & 2-stage paints for these types of colors so that you can feel comfortable with what you will get.

We often have customers ask us to paint one or two damaged panels with our least expensive, single-stage paint. The idea is that if Almost Everything can paint a whole car for just a few hundred dollars then it should be possible to paint part of the car for less. We understand the reasoning but in practice it doesn't work. You can always tell a car that this has been done to--they look terrible. The reason is that it isn't possible to match a single-stage paint to a 2-stage paint or a 2-stage paint to a 3-stage. The appearance won't be correct. The human eye will discern variations in color, texture, depth, metallics & pearls luminosity, etc. In other words, it is going to be obvious that you painted your door, for example, with a different paint than is on the rest of your car.

Note: you can go in the reverse direction--use higher grade paints & processes to imitate the less expensive or less complex process.)

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