Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dual Action Sander used by Almost Everything Professionals

Heres an interesting look into how our shop works, this sander (and the person that uses it)  is one of the key factors in producing a great looking paint job that lasts. In order for paint to stick to something, the surface must be first cleaned of all dirt, dry, and oil free but most importantly the surface must be abraded or sanded to intentionally cause extremely fine scratches.  The reason we purposefully inflict these fine scratches is so that the new paint can flow into them and "bite" onto the surface. Without these scratches the new paint would not be able to stick and would simply fall off over time!  We have many types of sanding procedures and methods. Some cars benefit from repairing chips & scratches. Cars that have had rough lives or have been vandalized with key scratches may need a little more work. In California we also see a lot of cars with sun and environmental damage that causes paint to peel or "delaminate." Basically the cars clear coat has failed and is coming off of its color coat. The process of removing this type of paint issue involves an in-depth sanding procedure starting with rough sand paper to remove the majority of the problematic paint, and gradually moving on with finer and finer grades of sandpaper to completely smooth out the edges of the old paint. Once that has been completed, the car is completely smooth free of all the old peeling paint and is ready for it new coat of paint. With the proper surface repairs and sanding, we can transform your car back to looking like new again!

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